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Latin Funk – 30 years making great music

It was 30 years ago today, that we were playing our very own brand of Latin Funkifield salsa music, in the same places where the whole British Rock scene started, to us it was a dream come true, playing at the Marquee Club, the Speakeasy, the Ronnie Scott’s, Dingwalls, and touring together with Bob Marley and the Wailers, to open the club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain, playing the Zoom Club in Hamburg.

There was no stop to what we were accomplishment and how far we could go.

We started doing lots of recording studios session work for people who became big stars like Chris De Burg, Bill Lovelady (of reggae for it now fame), Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols, Tyrone Downie and Chris Wood of Traffic; and a lot more artist from Africa, Europe and the USA.

The 70’s where really magical times and we cut our teeth playing the London nights and going up and down the M1-British Rocks (Highway 61).

We finally got signed by EMI London and out of that we got 3 N.1 World Hits: Amor, Disco Samba (produced by Winston Sela) and Vida Mia, produced by Chass Jancle.

We went touring to South America and stayed there work was good, there was very good weather, wine and women, but this year I seem to be getting itchy feet, what we the Lukas Awards people giving me a Fellowship Award and all, being called the Godfather of Latin Funk and also having the chance to record a new album full of goodies that were playing on my mint and the offers that are starting to come from different places in the world for us to go on tour something tells me that London is once away the city from where I should project my energies and share the sounds that have been waiting to come out of my instruments and voice once more.

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