About Jorge Spiteri

30 years making great music!

Together with his brother Charlie Spiteri, his considered one of the pioneers of Venezuelan rock. They brought with them to the Great Britain the Latin sound of their Venezuelan roots in the late 60’s, adding to rock music the percussion instrument that where part of their folklore such as tumbadoras, maracas, congas y cuatro. During the decade Jorge was know as the London’s Santana thanks to his first album named “Spiteri” , recorded form GM record, also know as the album of “The Snake” (La Culebra) due to the art on the cover of the vinyl.

Jorge_Spiteri_Latin_Funk_home_World_Tours_02The Spiteri band played more than 200 gigs in important UK venues like The Speakeasy, The Marquee, The Golden Lyon, The Rock Garden, Dingwalls, London Nashville and Ronnie Scotts where Spiteri started a long term residency called “Spiteri’s Latin Jam at Ronnie’s”. The band also played in the famous Zoom Club, in Hamburg, Germany and in the opening of the club called Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain, together with Bob Marley and The Wailers. In 1978 Jorge Spiteri played with Bill Lovelady who has a number one hit in Europe and a Top Ten hit in UK with the songs ” Reggae for it now” and ” One more reggae for the road”. With this band, Spiteri perform on the TV program “Top of the Pops” made by London’s BBC and made an extensive tours in the Scandinavian countries. In 1980 Spiteri formed a new band called “Mañana” where the mix of disco music, soul, blues, funk and Brazilian rhythms as samba were incorporated into rock as a new experiment; this project raised the interest of several UK record companies, but it was with EMI London that Spiteri singed. Out of this production three singles came out: ” Amor”, “Disco Samba” and “Vida mia” (produced by Chas Janckle) went to number one on a number of countries and still being played. After the success of “Mañana”, Spiteri went to Venezuela to assume the role of musical producer in the most important TV channel of the country, RCTV, working with the likes of Oscar D’Leon, Tito Puente, Vicky Car, Jorge Muñiz amongst others and developed other projects as well in this area. As a record producer Jorge work with many bands, such as “Los Amigos Invisibles” who made a remake of the song “Amor” for their album “Arepa 300” in 2000’s. In 1994 he received the “Best Producer of the Year Award” given by Casa del Artista in Caracas, Venezuela. From these year until 1996, Spiteri directed Aruban artist Ami Mendez in the Aruba Jazz Festival. In 1997 he obtain an Honorific Mention on the “Latin Music” category of the John Lennon Songwriter Award with the song “Que se supone”. In 2012 Spiteri won “Rock Icon of Venezuela” in the Rock Show Awards. Jorge Spiteri has shared the stage with musicians like John Altman, Tyrone Downie, George Papanicolas also known as “Papa George”, Clive Chaman, Bobby Tench and Richard Bailey – of Jeff Beck’s group- Jerry Polsky, Airto Moreira, Micht Michel (Jimmy Hendrix drummer) ,Chris Wood of Traffic, David Graham, Pete Thoms, Guy Barker MBE, Steve Alpert, Misha Nikolic (Wishbone Ash), Gilad Atzmon, Otmaro Ruiz, Aaron Serfatti, Lionel Gibson, Roberto Pla, Oscar D’Leon, Joseito Rodriguez and members of La Dimensión Latina, and Don Rubén Fuentes amongst others. Recently Spiteri has come back to London to get the “Lukas Fellowship Award 2015” given by The Lukas Award Organization, matching Phill Manzanera and Bianca Jagger. The musician is now focus on work in a new production and recordings, and preparing his band to an extensive touring.